What Do You Choose to Focus on?

Twice this week, I have been dealt a hand that could be seen as less than desirable.

In each of the cases, I chose to focus on what I COULD do with the resources I had at hand, as opposed to the anger, frustration, indignation, injustice of having these circumstances in my life.

For example, last week, Marcelo and I traveled to Atlanta.  We decided to try the TriRail instead of paying an arm and a leg for airport parking.

The timing of our flights both ways were perfect for the trip.

Until the thunderstorm of the century blew in.

Now, at this point I have a choice.

I can be frustrated that our flight home was two hours late and I can cry about how we aren’t going to make the last northbound train at 10:18pm.

OR I can take stock of the resources I have at my disposal and allocate them in the most effective way possible.  Is it to call an Uber to take us to our car at the train station?  Or is it to split up?  “Honey you get the luggage while I catch the bus to the train.  I’ll pick you up at the station…”

These are the times that test our strength and flexibility.  Those experiences become opportunities for the future..

In the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen R Covey talks about the Circle of Concern and the Circle of Influence.  I had a concern that we wouldn’t be able to make the train.  My influence was in taking a fresh look at where I was able to exert some control.  What AM I able to do?

WE will surely miss the train if WE wait for the luggage.  But I can make the train by leaving now and coming back for you.

Circumstances happen all the time.  That’s life.

Forces collide in our environment every single day.

Those collisions – those interactions are what create the opportunities for growth, for expansion, for accumulation of skills and experience.

Being awake and aware in the moment leaves me clear to pause and assess the situation.  It allows the space to be inspired to take the next action from a place of gratitude and intuition rather than from rage and entitlement.

Try being present in your day to day life and see what opens up.  You may find you have all the awesomeness you need to break through things that before had you all tied up in knots.

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