What Do Great Leaders Have in Common?

Great leaders have:



A GAME greater than themselves


Because their game is so much greater than themselves, they need the support of other people to make it happen. But that’s not a problem, since a great leader enrolls people in their game simply by sharing their vision.

A great leader’s commitment, passion, and enthusiasm captivate people’s hearts and minds.
A great leader’s vision paints a picture of a future that people would be THRILLED to be a part of.
A great leader’s game makes such a difference in the community or in the world that people would be PROUD to help create.

Great leaders do whatever it takes beyond personal considerations to fulfill on that COMMITMENT, VISION, and GAME. Not to the point of harming others. They are often interested in creating a WIN-WIN for everyone involved.
TRUE service puts your PURPOSE front and center and sends your EGO to the back burner. You are free to be of value to those around you.

What does that look like?

Your mind will constantly try to take you out – to protect you from the unknown of the CRAZY path you have chosen for yourself. It’s simply how the human brain is wired.

So how to you guard against being misguided?

Know thyself. Ask yourself “”

Take an honest assessment of yourself and your progress often.

1. Why am I HERE? What have we done to get here? Review the path so far and take an assessment of successes and failures.

2. How will this decision or action move the game forward? Always ask that question in every conversation and every decision. That keeps you on the path.

3. What do I hope to accomplish or achieve? Without understanding what the end game is and what results you are looking for, it’s easy to wander off track chasing shiny objects.

4. What skin do I have in the game? Without something at stake, there is no real motivation to put your ego on hold and do whatever it takes. BURN THE SHIPS!!

It’s better to take a proactive approach and ask these questions on a regular basis. At the very least, use them to check in whenever you get triggered, feel frustrated, find yourself distracted, or think you aren’t moving forward, come back to these questions.

Discover your purpose

  • That game are you playing?
  • What is the end goal?
  • Why do you want that?

When you understand the game, you can align with it. Also, the more clearly defined your game is, the easier it is to remind yourself when times get tough… Which they WILL.

Get to know ALL of your people – below, around, above. Who are they? Where do they come from? What do they want in life?

Knowing your team helps you to understand the resources you have available which helps you create a plan to accomplish your goals. Also, people will be more productive and successful when you utilize them where they are happiest serving.

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