Is Homework Optional?

When you took algebra in school, was homework OPTIONAL?  Or was it part of the process of understanding the material?

When you took Spanish classes, was homework OPTIONAL? Or was it necessary to learn?

Then ask yourself why you take coaching, motivational videos, seminars, and the like but playing like the assignments are OPTIONAL?

As with Algebra, Spanish, or any other course, you can certainly GET BY without much effort…

But that is not what you said you wanted when you signed up for the course.

So, either, assignments are a MUST…  Or you took the classes just to look good.

How you play is an indication of the value you place on the outcome you say you want versus the fear you carry deep within.

Only you can decide how you show up.

No, in life, if you want fruit, you MUST plant a seed.  You must tend to that seed – water it.  Pull weeds.  Protect it from harsh elements.

The more you nurture the seed, the greater the yield you will have.

You get to decide.

You can continue to tend your crops half-assed – doing homework when you “feel like it” and continuing to inch along.

OR you can have the breakthrough of your dreams!



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