What is an “Unmistakable Entrepreneur?”

Have you ever met someone who had a dream and just would NOT give it UP?!?

No matter how many times they fail…

Now matter how many people say no…

They keep talking about it.  They keep thinking about it.  They keep dreaming about it.

THAT is an Unmistakable Entrepreneur!


Why is he or she so Unmistakable?

It’s that fiery passion in his eyes.  It’s that look of determination on her face.

An Unmistakable Entrepreneur is a risk taker…  He doesn’t MEAN to be.  It’s not what he set out to do.

One day, the Unmistakable Entrepreneur had an IDEA!  It was a FLASH of inspiration!  It was a divine spark.  And, for whatever reason, ever since then, she just hasn’t been the same.  She just can’t stop thinking about it.

That IDEA is often something that the Unmistakable Entrepreneur has been passionate about for a very long time, but he just didn’t see a way to make it happen.

Then, one day it hits her.  One day she wakes up and something has changed.

It could be someone he met at a ball game.  Perhaps it was someone she met at the coffee shop.

Whatever it was that tripped the wire, his life will never be the same.

Everyone around her wonders what the heck happened…  Has she gone insane?

The Unmistakable Entrepreneur will pursue the dream against all odds.

He will quit a “perfectly good job” to dedicate his time to fulfilling on this vision.

She will spend all her extra time and money on whatever she finds to help her bring this dream to life.


And therein lies the challenge…

How many people out there REALLY understand the Calling – the Drive – of The Unmistakable Entrepreneur?  How many solutions really speak to the challenges of and offer solutions specifically for pursuing a Divine Dream?

I am an Unmistakable Entrepreneur.  I have answered the call.  I am pursuing my dream.

I understand your drive… I get that longing.

And I am here to help you make it happen.


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